Atterbury Europe has been developing a brand-new shopping centre in the heart of Belgrade, Serbia, in a joint venture with MPC Properties. We get all the details about the progress from Atterbury Europe’s Development Manager, Roux Gerber.

What will the mall be called, and how far along is development? When is it due to open?
It is called the BEO Shopping Centre, and everything is on track for the planned opening in April 2020.

How big is the project exactly in terms of space, and investment?
The total size of the development is 130 000sqm including over 43 000sqm of sales space, with a value in excess of €130 million.

Tell us a bit about the partnership that made this project possible.
BEO Shopping Centre is a joint venture between Atterbury Europe and MPC Properties, which is the largest investor in the South-East Europe region. The focus is on shopping-centre investments and retail development opportunities in Europe. MPC Properties has been in the market for over 16 years and sets the highest standards of construction and development for shopping and business destinations.

How was the location identified, and what was previously on the site? Can you describe the kind of community whom the mall will service?
A thorough analysis of the market and consideration of global trends led us to estimate that this is an ideal moment to offer a quality, comprehensive and modern retail concept here on the corner of Vojislava Ilica and Mis Irbijeve streets. It was an abandoned industrial site before, and there is an exceptional need in the area for a modern shopping destination. There are 350 000 residents in the district, within a 15-minute radius, and it is planned that the BEO Shopping Centre will become the new central gathering point for the community.

What does the retail environment in the area look like; are there any other shopping centres nearby that the mall will compete with?
There is nothing in the area that compares with what we are building. Belgrade is an exciting city with loads of growth potential and it really is a privilege to be part of this transformation of a former industrial site to a place of relaxation and enjoyment for the citizens.

What sort of tenants will be featured in the mall?
We have paid special attention to get the tenant mix just right. It will include well-known international and local names, from fashion to sports brands; there will be a cinema and a supermarket and a rich offering of restaurants, bars and coffee shops to cater for everyone in the community.

What can you share in terms of the design and layout of the mall; what are the highlights?
This mall will be recognisable by an innovative concept following the latest global trends in retail with multiple open areas, lots of natural light and greenery. The idea is to provide consumers with the maximum comfort to shop and relax. The modern design of the building is a conceptual result of the well-known Germany-based international design firm, Chapman Taylor.